We recognize that a major challenge facing African girls and women is their lack of access to education. The limited presence of African women in leadership positions across the continent reflects women’s exclusion from educational and other advancement opportunities. We believe that when women are educated, they are empowered and further act as agents of change and influence in their local communities and beyond.


The Power to Do Something Scholarship is designed to support girls in elementary, junior high, and high school who desire an education, but lack the means to attain it. The recipient of this scholarship is an individual with tenacity and determination, whose goals and vision will not simply benefit herself, but her family and community as well.

Vocational Program

For some, the prospect of academic pursuits is not necessarily the path they wish to follow. Instead, some women and girls may wish to learn a trade (such as sewing, culinary arts, cosmetology, childcare, etc.), or skills that will allow them to earn a sustainable income. For this population, PDS will structure a training program that captures their passion, and turn it into profit. By pairing eager apprentices with skilled men and women, we hope to help cultivate a stronger sense of self.  Participants of this program will receive hands-on-training that will prepare them for employment upon completion.

Literacy Program

Our adult literacy program is designed to enhance adult self-esteem by providing an outlet to learn basic reading and writing skills in a supportive and welcoming atmosphere. Armed with these skills, graduates of this program will have the basic skills needed to further contribute to society.