I am Matchless, Amazing, Gorgeous, and Exceptional

(Redefining Beauty, from an African Perspective)


I.M.A.G.E. is a domestic and international campaign that positively affirms the beauty and self-esteem of all African girls and women. Our goal is to challenge the incompatible Western standards of beauty that have been introduced into African culture(s). We re-define models of beauty that value African features and attributes as a means of developing healthy attitudes towards self-esteem, which are focused on the acknowledgement, affirmation, and acceptance of who we are internally and externally.


Through this campaign, we hope to initiate dialogue by and for African girls and women  domestically and internationally on the topics of beauty, fashion, health and how each of these relates to self-esteem. The Power to Do Something organization hopes to inspire a feeling of pride in African girls and women through our self-esteem I.M.A.G.E. campaign. The ultimate goal is to encourage African girls and women to see their beauty as matchless, amazing, gorgeous, and exceptional and not in any way inferior to Western ideals of beauty.


Monthly Topics: Join our discussion on Facebook and Twitter at The Power to Do Something page.

January- Media Standards of Beauty-the over sexualization of women

February- Women's lack of Respect for One Another/competition to the extend of division instead of camaraderie

March- Skin Bleaching and it Effects on African Communities

April- Filter vs. Non Filter/The Effect of Social Media on Self-Esteem

May- Social Trends and its Impact on Relationships-Romantic and Non Romantic

June- The Imperfect Mirror in your Head

July- Financial Freedom-How does financial stress effect your self-esteem/Learn how to handle debt and take control of your finances

August- I AM NOT MY HAIR-The discussion of Natural vs. Unnatural hair (pros and cons)
September-  The Negative Portrayal of Black Female Characters on Television or in Movies (Ex. American Reality Shows- Real Housewives of Atlanata, in African Movies-Women in Submissive Roles)

October- Health Awareness Month (Breast Cancer/Weight Issues/Domestic Violence and How each Relates to Self-Esteem)

November- Racial and Ethnic Prejudice

December- The Myths and Truths about Beauty: internal vs. external beauty 


Roundtable discussion schedule and contacts:

February-Columbus, Ohio-contact: Jacquelyn Trinity at eugenia.trinity@gmail.com 

March – Monrovia, Liberia-contact: Karen Koukou-Twaglee at karen.koukou@gmail.com

April – Rhode Island-contact: Tetee Kuyateh at semizor@gmail.com



If you would like to host an I. M. A. G. E. campaign roundtable discussion at your college, university, or community event, please send us an email at: thepowertodosomething@gmail.com